Forces in Translation

Laura Bates
Monday 14 June 2021

Making Lines…

basketry : anthropology : mathematics

Forces in Translation online event: Wednesday 23rd and 30th June

Making and thinking about the material and mathematical qualities of lines.

Week 1 Focuses on twists and twines, exploring the many ways to make rope, moving from the inside and outside of twists to twined tubes, surfaces and arcs.

Week 2 We move into braids and chains, travelling around curves in the Möbius Strip and Klein Bottle, with lots of time for experimenting.

In between, we will take lines for walks, consider Buckminster Fuller’s view on crossed lines, and see what Tim Ingold has to say about lines of life….
This is an experimental, practical event. To secure a place and for more details please contact Stephanie Bunn  [email protected]