NERC Standard Grants -July 2019

The internal call for applications to the NERC Standard Grants Scheme -July 2019 is now open.

Table 1: Timescale

1 Internal deadline: completed “intention to submit” for to (cc: and your FAS contact) 4pm, 12 April 2019
2 Internal deadline: draft case for support (4 sides of A4) to ( and your FAS contact) 4p, 15 May 2019
3 Internal Selection Panel meet to review proposals Mid May – Early June 2019
4 Successful nominations informed Early June 2019
5 Final deadline for submitting proposal to NERC 4pm, 16 July 2019

Stage 1:

Intention to submit forms for the July 2019 round should be returned to (cc: and your FAS contact) by 4pm 12 April 2019.

All applications must be submitted for internal review to ensure only applications of the highest quality are submitted. Potential applicants are encouraged to put forward the strongest case possible and should take time to discuss their proposal with their Director or Research prior to the internal review deadline. Please also consider the relevant sections of the NERC handbook.

To inform the composition of the internal review panel, all applicants wishing to submit a proposal as PI(lead), PI (component) or Co-I must return a completed Intention to Submit form to (cc: and your FAS contact) by 4pm on 12 April 2019.

Co-I’s who wish to apply for sub-award (e.g. not a Je-S component grant) through another lead institution should notify Research and Innovation Services ( cc: and your FAS contact) their intention to submit to this call. However, they do not need to submit a case for support to the internal review panel.


Stage 2:

Proposals for the July 2019 round should be submitted for internal review to (cc: and your FAS contact) no later than 4pm, 15 May 2019.

Submissions will be assessed on their scientific excellence. An internal review panel will meet to assess the applications and select the proposals that will be submitted to NERC.

Your submission for internal review should include:

a) Draft case for support (Maximum 4 sides A4)

The 4-page case for support for the internal panel review should mainly focus on the research project. It is recommended to include details of the anticipated impact.

b) Track record of the researchers/expertise involved in the projct (maximum 1 side A4)

Candidates are not required to submit any costing details to the internal review panel.


The Standard Grant Scheme also inludes a route for New Investigators. Eligibility for the New Investigator call is restricted (see the research grants and fellowships handbook for further details), but beyond that the rules for the two calls are the same.