Geothermal energy solutions

Laura Bates
Saturday 3 December 2016


Distributed energy – the case for geothermal

Dr Tim Raub and Dr Richard Bates
School of Earth and Environmental Sciences

Dr Tim Raub

The developing world faces an energy crisis in order to sustainably grow.  The developed world will be impacted by this growth if it is achieved through a hydrocarbon-based solution. There is an opportunity to achieve growth but with low carbon alternatives, one of which is geothermal energy.  This form of energy has been overlooked throughout the world expect at key locations such as Iceland. However, developments in exploration and technology are increasingly allowing this situation to be challenged.

Dr Richard Bates

The Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences has ongoing research both in developing and undeveloped countries that is demonstrating the geothermal potential for off-grid and end-of-grid supply.  Such independent energy solutions could provide game-changing alternatives to traditional energy provision and catapult a country past outdated development points, thus not only meeting the needs of the developing country but also helping address total world carbon problems.


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