Shaping perceptions of the Roman army

Research Policy Office
Monday 17 March 2014

Dr Jonathan Coulston (School of Classics) is a leading authority on the Roman army. His expertise has underpinned the work of a wide range of heritage organisations, media companies and Roman army enthusiasts. Museums such as Housesteads Museum on Hadrian’s Wall (a UNESCO World Heritage Site) have drawn on his publications and personal expertise to classify and display their Roman army collections.

He has been consulted for magazines such as National Geographic – for articles on Roman frontiers (2012) and Libya (2013) – and for numerous television documentaries, including Lion TV’s An Untold Invasion of Britain (2009). His definitive publications on Roman military equipment are the touchstone for a wide community of living history re-enactors, illustrators and figure wargaming enthusiasts, and his regular public lectures have reached out to school children and public audiences across the country.

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