Medical imaging, health & data analysis

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Dr Tom Kelsey & Dr Robert Schick  | School of Computer Science &
School of Mathematics & Statistics

 NOMAD (NMR Online Management and Datastore)

Dr Tomas Lebl & Shyam Reyal |School of Chemistry &
School of Computer Science

A new phase in the development of cell tracking algorithms

Dr Chandrasekhar Venkataraman |School of Mathematics and Statistics

 Single pixel compressive imaging

Dr Michael Mazilu | School of Physics & Astronomy

Development of tools for target identification
of nitrofuran-carboxyamides
with potent trypanocidal activity

Prof. Terry K Smith & Dr Gordon Florence | School of Biology

Wearable organic optoelectronic muscle contraction sensor

Dr Simonas Krotkus & Prof. Ifor Samuel  | School of Physics & Astronomy

CanDL: Cancer recognition with Deep Learning

Dr David Harris-Birtill & Dr Roushanak Rahmat  | School of Computer Science

The constraint modelling pipeline   

Dr Özgür Akgün, Prof. Ian Gent & Prof. Ian Miguel
School of Computer Science

 Inferences from A&E data for resource optimisation in Brazilian hospitals

Dr Juliana Bowles, Dr Sandra Quickert, Dr Ricardo Czekster & Dr Thais Webber
School of Computer Science & University of Santa Cruz do Sul, Brazi