Event: Visualising War in Different Media: interplay and intervention

Registration will soon close for this workshop (Monday 8th April, 2019), looking at the power of different media to generate different responses to war; for more information, please follow this link: https://arts.st-andrews.ac.uk/visualising-war/events/visualising-war-and-the-expressive-arts/

The workshop will start at 1.30 with a tour of the Conflict Textiles exhibition at the Byre Theatre, led by Dr Lydia Cole: https://byretheatre.com/events/crafting-war-and-conflict-film-event/. Numbers are restricted for this, so only those registered for the workshop will be able to take part in this bespoke tour.

The workshop will end with a concert in St Salvator’s Chapel, 5.30-6.30, featuring music and poetry from the First World War (The Fateful Voyage: see attached advert). This concert is open to the public.